Texas bartender arrested for serving drinks to killer

Texas bartender arrested for serving drinks to killer

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A Texas bartender accused of serving alcohol to a man just before he carried out a deadly shooting at a party in 2017 has been arrested. lindsey glass, 27, was arrested last week by Plano police after being accused of violating a state law that prohibits people from negligently selling an alcoholic beverage "to a habitual drunkard or an.

A Texas bartender, Lindsey Glass, was arrested for serving a customer who later went on a deadly killing spree at his ex-wife’s home in September 2017. glass faces up to one year in jail if convicted.Glass’ attorney, Scott Palmer, joined Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s radio show to share Lindsey’s side of this tragic tale.

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A bartender in Texas has been charged in connection with a mass murder after she served drinks to an intoxicated man who would soon afterward kill his wife and seven other people.What’s the story?Lindsey Glass was a bartender at the Local Public House in Plano, Texas. In September 2017, she served alcohol to a 32-year-old man named Spencer Hight.Th

PLANO, Texas – A bartender has been arrested more than a year and half after she served a man drinks before he went on a shooting spree and killed eight people at a football watch party.

I teach "dram shop" cases in my torts class – cases where bars and bartenders are sued for "over serving" customers who later cause injuries to third parties. This week there is Texas case that involves a criminal charge against a bartender, Lindsey Glass, 27, who was arrested after allegedly violating the texas alcoholic beverage code. The man that she allegedly over-served was Spencer Hight, who killed eight people after leaving the Local Public House in Plano.

A bartender accused of serving a drunk man has been arrested after he went on a shooting rampage killing eight, including his ex-wife at a football watch party. lindsey glass, 27, is charged with allegedly violating a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code titled ‘Sale to Certain Persons’ following Spencer Hight’s murderous spree in 2017.

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A Texas bartender was arrested last week for allegedly serving alcohol to a man who later fatally shot eight people, including his estranged wife, before he was killed by police.

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