Bordered Patch caterpillars, Cowpen Daisies, and 362 San Antonio pollinator habitats

Bordered Patch caterpillars, Cowpen Daisies, and 362 San Antonio pollinator habitats

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A photographic study of the life cycle of a Bordered Patch – Chlosyne lacinia adjutrix. On 10/6/2007 I found a recently laid cluster of eggs beneath a Straggler Daisy. (now easily recognizable, and always suspected) Bordered Patch caterpillar. The caterpillar is 16mm long. Day 17 (10/26.

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These Wildflowers are a natural food source for Butterfly Caterpillars. Easyliving Native Perennial Wildflowers Native Wildflower Seed and Potted Plants for Home landscaping and Prairie restoration Home Flower Pictures Wildflower Seed and Plant Price list Order Form Easyliving Wildflowers PO Box 522, Willow Springs, MO. 65793

Bordered Patch Laying Eggs Bordered Patch Caterpillar Setup. After you find bordered patch caterpillars, it is advisable that you rear them on cuttings of sunflowers placed in a narrow-neck water bottle. Make sure that you plug the entrance near the narrow neck of your water bottle so that sunflower stems go into the water; but, caterpillars can’t crawl in and drown.

Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia). Family: Brush-footed Butterfly (Nymphalidae) Subfamily: True Brushfoot (Nymphalinae) Average Wingspan: 1 3/8" – 2" Habitat: Open woodlands, forests, desert mountains Plants That Attract This Butterfly. Nectar Plants (What is this?; Host Plants (What is this? Sunflower * May not be available for purchase at your local nursery.

Monarch butterflies are visiting the texas hill country. When these beautiful creatures take their annual fall flight South to Mexico, they stop for nourishment in the Texas Hill Country. Monarchs have been sighted all around the state. reports sightings in Texas Hill Country cities.

Common Butterflies Seen in Yards and Gardens in LRGV Texas. Just starting to observe butterflies? The butterflies listed below are ones that are likely to be seen in gardens throughout the lower Rio Grande Valley.

A whimsical journey to create a butterfly garden. The day was beautiful (even if I had to work)! My little group planted a few flowers, adding to the Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch

Bordered Patch (Chlosyne lacinia) butterflies are dark brown with white and orange markings and a characteristic orange patch on the hindwings near the tip of the abdomen. Bordered Patch butterflies are quite variable, and it’s not uncommon to see several of the different variants together.Some of these butterflies have a broad band of orange across the hindwings.

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